See below a complete list of the award categories for the 2023 She Inspires Awards, of which you can nominate yourself or someone you know via the Nominations form.

Women in Business Award

This coveted prize will be awarded to an exceptional businesswoman who has shown immense business acumen to secure her success. She will exhibit every talent required of a brilliant business professional, including sublime creativity, focus and growth. Her efforts will have achieved remarkable growth and profitability in her organisation – as an owner of a business.  And she will also have engaged with the wider community to a significant degree.

Women in Fashion, Hair & Beauty Award

The Fashion and Beauty industry continues to grow at pace with new fashions emerging and demand for the best service and products soaring. This award will celebrate an exceptional woman working in fashion and beauty industry ~ fashion designers, MUA~ Make up artists, personal stylists, nail technicians, beauticians, hair stylists, lady working in salons, boutiques, brow bars, beauty rooms or other businesses in the industry.

Women in Event, Networking & Hospitality

This award will recognise a remarkable woman in hospitality, catering, networking and/ or event management. Her authentic and unique style should draw the best results. Whether organising networking events, retreats, an open day, fund raising or a gala annual event, her excellent leadership, communication, innovation, commitment in organising and managing an event or events should inspire and set the bar for other professionals. 

Women in Fitness, Wellbeing & Holistic Therapies

Here’s to the women who work wonders on our well-being.  This award will celebrate fitness coaches, personal trainers, gymnasts, acrobats, fitness dance coaches who help us stay active and fit,  professional in acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, yoga, homeopathy, hypnotherapy or another holistic therapy. This award is for outstanding creative ability that has a lasting restorative effect on clients.

Women in Leadership

A true leader inspires! Whether in education, charity or politics, they must lead, inspire and take their team to greater heights. They must retain clear vision, answer to boards, governors, trustees and public scrutiny while managing staff, beneficiaries and volunteers. Our deserving winner will handle all those pressures to ensure her organisation’s mission succeeds.

Women in Digital Award

Digital sector now accounts for almost 8% of the UK economy, and more and more women are taking leading roles within delivery and innovation driving this exciting area. Whether it be Marketing, Digital Media, SaaS (Software as a Service), Cyber Security, Design, or an emerging platform, this award will celebrate a woman who has excelled within the Digital Sector and has displayed outstanding use of Digital technology and techniques to support others, as well as promoting inclusivity and innovation within their communities.

Women in STEM Award (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)

This Award is designed to identify and celebrate women who are passionate about STEM and good at what they do – she could be a teacher, scientist, accountant, technician, business woman, a start-up, female inventor, women in academic setting, working in public, private or non – profit organisation. She will inspire others by showing what it is possible to achieve and demonstrate the contributions women are making in the field of STEM.

Health and Medical Services Award

At the heart of our community are the professionals who keep us safe and return us to health so we may continue living our lives in this wonderful town. Their talent and dedication as individuals and team members providing front-line care for Bolton and the NW cannot be overlooked. This award will recognise, highlight and reward the service and performance of an exceptional woman working in nursing, general practice, surgery, the ambulance service or another area of healthcare.

Team of the Year

This award will recognise an outstanding team effort for exceptional achievement whether working in charity, business, private or public sector. Teams that have made a significant impact or achieved significant results by successfully utilising the skills of all members of the team. This November we will be celebrating their triumphs by crowning one team as our Team of the Year. Team can be a team of two people, couple, siblings, friends, partners. More than one is a team.

(Please specify if you are a Business/Charity/CIC)

Culture Champion Award

This award will celebrate true cultural champions and talented women across a range of artistic fields. Artists play one of the most important roles in our society. Whether a dancer, musician, singer, painter, photographer, illustrator, poet, author, screenwriter, an actress, playwright or comedienne, we’re going to use this year’s awards ceremony to highlight and revel in the outstanding talents of an artist through a single piece of her work or a showcase of her talents.

Volunteer of the Year (unpaid position)

Volunteers sacrifice their time and energy for no personal gain. They pour their commitment into causes and projects. They fundraise, organise activities, help run community centres and projects.  They must be organised, driven, hard-working, energetic self-starters and team players. We will celebrate a female Volunteer/Fundraiser who combines all these attributes to contribute to her community.

Young Achiever of the Year

It will celebrate and  highlight one young woman’s natural aptitude, enthusiasm and commitment to help others, excel and contribute. Nominees  for this category can be chosen from either school, college, workplace or community. Contributions can be diverse and vary from helping mom at home, being a carer, buddy at school/college, volunteering or  fundraising. Open to young apprentices as well.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises the contribution of a phenomenal woman who, over the course of her whole career and lifetime, has given her time, energy and gifts to enhance the people and place where she lives. The winner of this award will boast a life story which acts as a guiding beacon to inspire others who share it with her.

SHEro Award
This special SHEro Award is to celebrate and shine a light on women who are an inspiration everyday. This award will also recognise women who despite disabilities (physical or mental) inspire by their positive contribution to the community, workplace, family or just her own life.
Open to all women from all walks of life.