Meet Denise Silcock, a beacon of empowerment and the SheInspires Volunteer of the Year 2023. Denise’s journey took an unexpected turn when she received a prestigious invitation to 10 Downing Street for an International Women’s Day celebration. Amid her tireless efforts with Lend a Hand in Horwich, Denise discovered an email reading ‘Invite to 10,’ sparking disbelief.

As a SheInspires winner, Denise, radiating humility, walked up Downing Street, stood outside Number 10, and mingled with remarkable women from diverse backgrounds. The event, a tribute to female empowerment, connected Denise with military personnel, businesswomen, and Paralympic Gold Medalist Ellen Buttrick.

Denise  seized the opportunity to spotlight the unsung heroes—Lend a Hand volunteers. Sharing their heartwarming stories moved listeners, emphasizing the collective impact of Lend a Hand in Horwich.

This Downing Street experience, made even more special with the presence of Denise’s granddaughter, was a celebration not just of personal triumph but a testament to the collaborative efforts of Lend a Hand volunteers. Denise extends profound gratitude to everyone involved. 

This story is a shining example of how individual dedication can lead to unexpected and awe-inspiring moments of recognition and celebration.