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The Inspire NW Woman of the Year Award

The pinnacle of our awards and evening is an opportunity to crown one woman with our most prestigious and sought-after prize while recognising the truly special level of personal commitment, care and drive she invests in the North West. Our deserving winner will bring with her an extraordinary story of initiative, participation, and accomplishment, irrespective of the nature of her role within our cherished community. And for that, she will be truly justified in accepting with pride this most coveted and inspiring award.

This is not open for nominations as the Judges will choose from category winners.

The Girl Up Award

Girl Up Campaign has evolved over the years. It started as a digital campaign but now grown into actual awards. “The overall concept as girls and women, is that none of us find the success that we have in any aspect of our life without other girls and women championing us along the way.”

This is not open for nominations.

The Inspire Women in Leadership Award

Faced with more competition and fewer resources, the onus on running an organisation well cannot be underestimated. Women  leaders must constantly innovate to sustain and grow their organisations. A true leader inspires! Whether in private or public sector, charity, business or education, they must lead and inspire their team and take them to greater heights. They must retain clear vision, balance business and altruistic dynamics, answer to boards, governors, trustees and public scrutiny while managing volunteers, staff and beneficiaries. Our deserving winner of this 2020  Inspire Award will handle all those pressures to ensure her organisation’s mission succeeds.

The Inspire Women in Business Award

This coveted prize will only be awarded to an exceptional businesswoman who has shown immense business acumen to secure her success. She will exhibit every talent required of a brilliant business professional, including sublime creativity, focus and growth. Her efforts will have achieved remarkable growth and profitability in her organisation – as an owner of a business.  And she will also have engaged with the wider community to a significant degree.

The Inspire Women in Education Award

Teachers continue to face an inordinate and growing amount of challenges in their work. Never have the pressures been greater on them. Yet they continue to deliver the education and guidance our children need no matter how battle-weary and beleaguered they become. This years’ awards will celebrate the work of finest women in education: female teachers, teaching assistants or pastoral  by highlighting the extraordinary dedication one has shown her school, pupils and fellow staff.

The Inspire Women in IT & Technology Award

Any worthy winner of this 2020 Inspire Award will have demonstrated leadership, innovation or quality in delivering IT solutions for an organisation. Whether through business analysis or growth, security and governance, social media, programme management, support, training, consultancy or another aspect of the IT function, this woman will have delivered tangible benefit to the wider organisation while showing commitment and skill in meeting her objectives.

The Inspire Women in Film, Art & Media Award

Our special region produces more than its fair share of talented individuals and groups across a range of artistic fields. Many have left lasting impressions on the world with their gifts. We can boast of female  Oscar and BAFTA winners. Whether an actress, dancer, musician, singer, painter, photographer, poet, author, screenwriter, playwright or comedienne, we’re going to use this year’s awards ceremony revel in the outstanding talents of an  artist through a single piece of her work or a showcase of her talents.

The Inspire Women in Social Enterprise Award

This award will celebrate a woman working in a leadership role/ founder of a social enterprise. A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize  social impact alongside profits for external shareholders.

Any business with a social impact, CICs and even some charities who do not  rely wholly on funding but raise their own money can be termed as social enterprise.

The award will celebrate a woman who who can truly demonstrate and communicate an impact with her stakeholders, genuinely engaged her employees, and traded for the benefit of the community.

The Inspire Women in Hospitality Award

The hospitality of others plays a vital role in easing us through our daily lives. But those who cater for us rarely get the recognition they deserve. Whether a manageress or waitress, receptionist, chef  in a hotel, restaurant, bar or women in catering services, public or private,  we’re determined to find the woman who more than goes the extra mile for her customers in this often testing industry – be it through the notable perfection in her product or the care and anticipation in her service.

The Inspire Women in Law Award

We want to celebrate women’s achievements, excellence and enterprise in the legal profession. Whether a paralegal, solicitor or barrister, we’re looking for a woman who has demonstrated legal and client service skills, contributed to the success of significant cases and her company and added value above and beyond that which is typical of a good legal practitioner – whether working on personal injury, criminal, litigation, employment or property law cases.

The Inspire Women in STEM Award

We are looking to celebrate an inspirational woman in STEM who could be a role model to show women what they can achieve. This Award is designed to identify and share women who are passionate about STEM and good at what they do – she could be a young woman just starting out working to change the image of girls and women working in STEM, , a technician, female inventor, sparking inspiration for other women to innovate in any STEM business, start-up, academic setting or non-profit organisation, large or small. She will inspire others by showing what it is possible to achieve and demonstrate to the wider industry the contributions women are making.

The Inspire Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteers sacrifice their time and energy for no personal gain. They put their values and beliefs into action and pour their commitment into causes and projects. They fundraise, organise activities, help run community centres and projects.  They must be organised, driven, hard-working, energetic self-starters and team players. The 2020 Inspire Awards will celebrate a female Volunteer/Fundraiser who combines all these attributes to contribute to her community. We will be paying tribute to the highest calibre of volunteer or a team of volunteers.

Please Note: This needs to be an unpaid position

The Inspire Young Achiever of the Year Award (25 & under)

This important award will shine a light on an outstanding young person. It will celebrate and  highlight one young woman’s natural aptitude, enthusiasm and commitment to help others, excel and contribute. Nominees  for this category can be chosen from either school, college, workplace or community. Contributions can be diverse and vary from helping mom at home, being a carer, buddy at school/college, volunteering or  fundraising. Open to young apprentices as well.

Please Note: Nominees must be 25 years or younger at time of nomination close date 31st Jan 2020.

The Inspire Fitness & Wellbeing Award

Here’s to the women who work wonders for our fitness and our well-being. This award will celebrate fitness coaches, personal trainers, gymnasts, acrobats, fitness dance coaches who help us stay active and fit. Or a professional in acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, yoga, homeopathy, hypnotherapy or another holistic therapy. This award celebrates outstanding women who give their time, space and techniques to helping us escape the strains of our busy lifestyles – so we can be active, stay fit, unwind, relax and re-energize to fight another day.

The Inspire Employee of the Year Award

This award is designed for companies to nominate that one outstanding woman who goes above and beyond her call of duty– someone who may or may not touch strategy or the boardroom, inspires others and is an example of how to perform. It could be a line manager, a customer service representative or an HR Manager. There are no limitations – just inspiration. This is your chance to give that person the recognition they rarely receive or expect to receive.

The Inspire HER-Abilities Award

This special 2020 Inspire Award is reserved for a special woman who despite her disabilities inspires by her positive contribution to the community, workplace, family or just her own life. Battling physical, mental or learning disability she has defied odds and  overcome personal or work challenges. The winner of this award will have transcended her physical or mental or learning  disabilities to turn her life around. Embracing HER-Abilities, she may also have achieved new success, eliminated limiting beliefs, and found a fulfilling way to live a fulfilling life.

The Inspire Health & Social Care Award

At the heart of our community are the professionals who keep us safe and return us to health so we may continue living our lives. Their talent and dedication as individuals and team members providing front-line care cannot be overlooked. This award will recognise, highlight and reward the service and performance of an exceptional woman working in the ambulance service, nursing, general practice, surgery and all areas of Social Care.

The Inspire Lifetime Achievement Award

Our special lifetime achievement award recognises the contribution of a phenomenal woman who, over the course of her whole career and lifetime, has given her time, energy and gifts to enhance the people and place where she lives. The winner of this award will boast a life story that not only shows an immense dedication to our wonderful region but acts as a guiding beacon to inspire others who share it with her.

The Inspire SHEro Award

This special 2020 Inspire SHEro Award is to celebrate and shine a light on women who are an inspiration everyday. This award will celebrate one woman who inspires us by her everyday acts of kindness, compassion and grit. Open to all women from all walks of life.

The Inspire HeForShe Award

2020 Inspire Special Award

*The MAN behind the WOMAN*
The deserving winner will bring with him an extraordinary story of support behind a successful woman.

It’s YOUR turn ladies…Celebrate and Appreciate MEN who have supported you in your endeavours. Your father, brother, son, spouse, partner, friend, boss, nephew, neighbour, colleague. Anybody who has touched your life in a positive way.

This Award is inspired by UNITED NATION’S HeForShe solidarity campaign for the advancement of gender equality and is reserved for one remarkable man who through his deeds and efforts has tirelessly acted as an agent of change. He would have championed gender equality by standing up to cultural norms or challenging negative gender stereotype and behaviour.

This award will recognise effort, campaign, project, commitment shown by a man to advance and support women in business, workplace, home or charity.

The Inspire Team Award

This award will recognise an outstanding team effort for exceptional achievement whether working in charity, business, private or public sector. Teams that have made a significant impact or achieved significant results by successfully utilising the skills of all members of the team. Next June we’ll be celebrating their triumphs by crowning one ladies’ team our Inspire Team of the Year.

The Inspire Event Manager Award

This award will recognise a remarkable woman whose authentic and unique style of event organising and management draws the best results. Whether organising networking events, retreats, an open day, fund raising or a gala annual event, her excellent leadership, communication, innovation, commitment in organising and managing an event or events  should inspire and set  the bar for other professionals