HeForShe Award – Winner
Chris Dawes!!!

Chris Dawes is the founder of www.scruffymonkey.co.uk, alongside his wife Lindsay. The two run a web design company together, priding themselves on giving inspiration women an online platform from which they can expand their business and achieve their goals.
Chris has assisted many women in pursuing their business ideas, including previous Inspire Women Award winners and nominees!
Through the use of his company & web design skills, Chris has donated over £12,000 to a number of charities over the past five years. These contributions can range from free websites to sponsoring minority groups, e.g. a disabled football team.
Chris is also an active member of a mentoring club, where he supports other business owners from all walks of life in achieving their goals – regularly assisting them with work and phone calls. He offers his support and boosts their confidence. When Lindsay decided quit her job and find herself, Chris took on all financial responsibilities whilst he continued to support her journey of self discovery and self confidence, retaining the faith she gave him when he began launching scruffymonkey.

Congratulations on winning the iwa2019 HeForShe Award, Chris!!!!
#HeForShe #Winner