Women in STEM – Winner
Emma Antrobus!!!

Passionate about education, Emma Antrobus is a woman in Engineering who loves encouraging young people to be the best versions of themselves, bringing their attention to Apprenticeships, vocational courses and broadening their horizons by highlighting a number of varied career paths.
Emma takes advantage of her strong affiliation with several organisations and individuals from her work in the engineering industry to help promote roles for women and break down barriers to allow career progression. She believes in fairness, inclusion and most importantly – respect.
In her past, Emma worked as a School Governor with intentions of raising aspirations within a specific school. She recognised the lack of leadership causing the school’s decline, and in a short space of time became the Chair of Governors. Emma made the decision to forge a federation with another school – one of the first in its time! Through progressive Ofsted visits, the school was officially recognised as a School that is outstanding in all areas.
Furthermore, Emma & her team opened a free school to help with population growth. All three schools in the Trust are deemed to be outstanding in all areas from Ofsted, with leadership and management highlighted as a key strength!

Congratulations, Emma!!! Job well done!
#WomenInSTEM #Winner