I am thrilled to be a finalist – I feel humbled to think I’ve inspired other ladies in some way so much that they took their time to consider me as their ‘Inspiring Lady’ – I’m truly overwhelmed.

Always been Artistic… always had a colouring book and pens/paints not dolls, but parents couldn’t afford to support me in university so my dreams of becoming an Artist were locked away in a box. I ended up at secretarial college, and then became a Civil Servant earning internal promotions becoming Manager at Bolton Unemployment Office .
At 25 decided I didn’t want to sit on my laurels and carve my career in the same institution until I received my gold clock on retirement. Aspired to see the large world we live in and applied to BA Long Haul – after 3 attempts finally got my wings. Had many adventures but when I became a mum decided to clip my wings and be a mummy. Then retrained and became a lecturer in design. Opened first Interior Design Studio whilst lecturing – juggling work and family life, and 4 years ago at fifty plus launched another company…

My mantra in life and business is ‘Dream it – Do it’! Whatever your dreams and ideas are, take that first leap of faith! – Yes, it is daunting, you might fall along the way, but you won’t know until you try. Whatever your age, it’s never too late. After my BA career/adventures flying around the world, I decided to keep my feet on the ground when I became a mum and became a mature design student at 32, following on to be a lecturer. Whilst experiencing a painful divorce, I channelled all my energy by opening my Interior Design shop. It was a challenge wearing my ‘mummy’ and ‘business’ hats but being busy kept me sane!.

Interior Design is my world, but my passion to create my own ‘Clean & Safe’ home fragrance collection became a reality four years ago when I launched Allumi. They say life begins at 40 – for me, it began at Fifty Plus! You need to take that leap of faith, ‘Go For It’, don’t look back and think ‘I shoulda’ or ‘I coulda’ – no ‘if’s’ ‘but’s’ or ‘’maybe’s’ … accept any help and support offered and reach for the stars!

To win the category would be amazing, but to be honest we are all winners. Ladies – inspiring each other in our very own unique way! If I can personally inspire anyone needing a little help and encouragement just get in touch!