In our 8th year of the She Inspires Awards, it’s my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the celebration of women from all areas of life and from all parts of the UK and the world.

We share so much with other countries, the good and the bad. Brave hearts and relentless efforts to help others know no boundaries, and the more we share our efforts the better the results we achieve. Whilst retaining ALL categories for Bolton and the North West, we opened six categories to women all over the UK and the world. We 2021 attracted nominations from countries including Kenya, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, America and Sri Lanka as well as from across the UK.

We need no reminder that there are increasing challenges in the world for all of us to deal with, so we’ve never needed this explosion of inspiration more than we do right now. For when we face something when life itself is at stake, it’s natural to be at least uncertain, and most probably, afraid. And yet it’s exactly at times like this that the qualities we have always looked for and celebrated through SheInspires Awards, come to the fore.

Hence for all of us, celebrating inspiring stories and selfless individuals, takes on an even greater importance. We want them to be emboldened by their success and, with all humility, be proud to share what they’ve achieved with everyone. This is the time more than ever before, to motivate and inspire us and our communities.

The tenacity and courage of individuals who know no limits to their efforts to help others is truly humbling. It makes us smile. And it makes us cry.

Welcome to She Inspires Family ~ Local and Global.

Best wishes,

Gulnaz Brennan
Founder, She Inspires Awards.

She Inspires Awards

Creating A Culture of Recognition

Impact 100

SHE INSPIRES Awards not only recognise the achievements of women in the community, but also enables award winners to grow and share their experiences with other members of the community.

Each award winner will be expected to commit few hours of their time to one of the chosen charities, culminating in 100 hours of voluntary service to the region.



Charities we have supported so far are:

  • Girls Out Loud
  • Fortalice
  • Breaking Barriers NW
  • Superjosh Charity
  • Boot Out Breast Cancer
  • Endeavour

This additional aspect of the Awards maximises its inspiration and commitment to the community like no other Awards process.

(If you would like to suggest a charity for 2023, please email the details to us at