Lifetime Achievement Award – Winner
Gill Smallwood!

Being a single parent gave Gill the motivation to go back to University, studying to be a Lecturer in further education. Successfully earning her qualification, Gill began teaching and was recognised as one of the first lecturers to be accredited with QTLS status. Continuing on her path of education, Gill earned several other degrees and qualifications in counselling, clinical supervising, and many others too numerous to delve into!
Gill worked as a Volunteer Counsellor at Fortalice and quickly became interested in the line of work. She became a Board Member after a terribly unfortunate event that led to the death of one of her students, learning more on what she could do to educate and assist people around domestic abuse.
Gill faced budget cuts when entering a new role, but her dedication to aiding women, families and children suffering from domestic abuse lead to developing an entirely new business model with a dedicated team of staff.
This new business model included counselling services for women and children, educational programmes being delivered in schools, a project helping young people suffering in abusive relationships and much more to meet the needs of multiple types of victims in a productive way.

Congrats Gill Smallwood on your Lifetime Achievement Award! #LifetimeAchievement #Winner