The global pandemic has brought people together like never before. We hear stories of people with extraordinary initiatives. Inspiration is for everybody, irrespective of geography. It seems the right thing for us to highlight women trailblazers and changemakers nationally & globally.

Culture Champion Award (Media, Art, Literature, Film, Music & Poetry)

This award will celebrate true cultural champions and talented women across a range of artistic fields. Many have left lasting impressions on the world with their gifts. Artists play one of the most important roles in our society. They can reshape our world into a better place. Whether a dancer, musician, singer, painter, photographer, poet, author, screenwriter, an actress, playwright or comedienne, we’re going to use this year’s awards ceremony to highlight and revel in the outstanding talents of an artist through a single piece of her work or a showcase of her talents.

Agent of Change Award

Through this special award we will celebrate the hard-work, inspiration and dedication of a lady who has been an agent of change. Through her regular work or any specific campaign, whether her work has been focused in her town locally, or on critical issues further afield, nationally or globally. Her work should have brought about a positive change. Work could be around championing the rights of women and girls, preservation or enhancement of culture and heritage, policy change at workplace and advance awareness of a specific concern, this award gives us a unique opportunity to share and shine a light on remarkable stories of change.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Our special lifetime achievement award recognises the contribution of a phenomenal woman who, over the course of her whole career and lifetime, has given her time, energy and gifts to enhance the people and place where she lives. The winner of this award will boast a life story which acts as a guiding beacon to inspire others who share it with her.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star award is intended to recognise an emerging leader in any field, at any level. Business Owner or Employee, Apprentice or Teaching Assistants, her record should reflects ongoing and exceptional growth in contribution to the profession or organisation. She should demonstrate an increased level of leadership, responsibility, and sphere of impact. Her track-record should reflect a strong career trajectory with the possibility for appointment at the highest levels of the profession, business  or organisation.

SHEro Award

This special SHEro Award is to celebrate and shine a light on women who are an inspiration everyday. This award will celebrate one woman whose kindness and dedication inspires us. This award will also recognise women who despite disabilities (physical or mental) inspire by their positive contribution to the community, workplace, family or just her own life.Her everyday selfless acts of compassion make our homes, our neighbourhoods and our world a better place. Open to all women from all walks of life.

Women in Leadership Award

A true leader inspires! Whether in education, charity or politics, they must lead, inspire and take their team to greater heights. They must retain clear vision, answer to boards, governors, trustees and public scrutiny while managing staff, beneficiaries and volunteers. Our deserving winner will handle all those pressures to ensure her organisation’s mission succeeds.

Global Associates

Vivek Atray

Vivek Atray

ex IAS, is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Advisor, Columnist and Visiting Professor.

He has 8 TEDx Talks and 3 highly popular JOSH Talks. Over 30 lakh people have viewed his videos on YouTube.

He is the founder of SUVICHAR Think Tank, Visiting Professor at Shoolini University, member of the CSR Advisory Board of ACTION AID. He is also a founder of the Vibrant Networking Forum, Playwrite Foundation, Chandigarh Literary Society and Co-Convenor of INTACH Chandigarh. He is a member of the Governor’s Advisory Council for Chandigarh UT.

He addresses audiences from Industry, Academia, Government, et al, on the Nuances of Leadership, Good Governance, Emotional Intelligence, Life Skills, People Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Meditation, Calmness, Entrepreneurship, Education & Sports Management.

He has inspired thousands of youngsters to adopt a cheerful, positive and multi-dimensional approach to their lives.

Vivek Atray is an acclaimed orator and has spoken in India and abroad at events of HORASIS, NASSCOM, CII, TIE, NCGG, LBSNAA, IIFT, ISB, Universities, Colleges, Schools and private companies.

His novels are “Move on Bunny!” & “Dubey ji Bounces Back”. He writes a fortnightly column- Random Forays- for the Hindustan Times. His new book is FINDING SUCCESS WITHIN- 52 LIFE SKILLS for YOUNG INDIANS.


Pervaiz Alam

Pervaiz Alam

Broadcast Journalist, Founder-Director of Cine Ink Ltd UK

Well known Broadcast Journalist, Pervaiz Alam is the Founder-Director of Cine Ink Ltd UK. In his long career as a broadcaster, Pervaiz Alam worked for the BBC in London, holding various positions. At BBC World Television, Wood Lane, London, Pervaiz was the Executive Producer of the programmes such as India Business Report, presented by Raghav Bahl of TV 18, Question Time India, presented by Prannoy Roy of NDTV, HARDtalk India, presented by Karan Thapar, Business Bites, presented by Ronnie Screwvala of UTV, Mastermind India, presented by Sidhartha Basu, Question Time Pakistan, presented by Mehreen Jabbar, Bollywood Bosses and Face to Face.

As a producer of news and current affairs, Pervaiz has reported and produced programmes for the BBC from Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Dubai, Amman and Jerusalem. He has extensively covered general elections in India from various states. He has also interviewed some of the top politicians from India and Pakistan such as former prime ministers, Chandra Shekhar, Narsimha Rao, Inder Kumar Gujral and Benazir Bhutto.

In 2010, he directed and produced a series- Life Gulmohar Style- of 156 radio plays for the BBC ACTION AID, broadcast by more than 20 FM Radio Stations in India.

Affan A Yesvi

Affan A Yesvi

Editor in Chief WAJD, Magazine Editor Rhyvers Media Portal

Affan, a regular contributor in Huffington post, Hindustan Times, The Tribune, DailyO, The Quint, Speaking Tree, & First Post has been an avid writer on various social issues. He has also presented papers and delivered many lectures in various international conferences.

Affan founded a non-profit organization, The Inner Call – The Forum for Evolution, Development and Awareness in 2009. In 2011, Affan founded the Yasawi Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research and aesthetic development in Sufi world heritage. Yasawi Foundation has been actively conducting Sufi workshops and research in mysticism. His efforts have been largely viewed as an instrument of the global message for peace, tranquility and brotherhood. He is a young award-winning social activist from Kashmir who was facilitated with India’s Top 100 Young Leader’s Award 2017.

Sohini Roychowdhury

Sohini Roychowdhury

Founder & Director - Sohinimoksha World Dance & Communications

Sohinimoksha is the living manifestation of Sohini’s free spirit, her passion, her rage and her furious desire to communicate…. the tsunami of her soul and her ghungroos.

Some love stories, like gypsies, travel – from place to place, from heart to heart, from sun to snow, from Tanjore to Spain…Colombia…New York… Austria…Croatia…never settling down…like Nature…from Tagore to Tchaikovsky to Shakespeare. Sohinimoksha is one such love story… a labour of love and passion, hope and distress, a moment of epiphany, and a leap of faith, for Sohini Roychowdhury – Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer, visionary, philosopher and professor of Natyashastra.

Sohinimoksha World Dance & Communications and Sohinimoksha Artes de la India are physically represented in Kolkata, Berlin, Madrid and New York. The idea, ethos and belief of Sohinimoksha, however, are lingeringly omnipresent across the multi-layered touchpoints through which Sohini continues to spread her dance and her words throughout the world, Connecting Civilizations in her wake.

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