Top Tips and Guidance for SheInspires FINALISTS Panel Interviews

Top Tips and Comprehensive Instructions for SheInspires 2024 Nominees! 

1. Submit Separate Forms for Multiple Nominations:

If you find yourself nominated in more than one category, kindly submit a separate acceptance form for each category. This allows you to tailor your responses to the specific criteria of each category, maximising your chances of success.

2. Accessing Category Criteria Link:

On the first page of your acceptance form, you’ll find a prominent link to the category criteria. Click on this link to access detailed criteria. Review these criteria thoroughly to understand the expectations for each category.

3. Understanding and Aligning with Criteria:

Take the time to carefully analyse and internalise the category criteria. Align your responses in the acceptance form to explicitly match these criteria. Highlight your accomplishments and contributions that directly align with the criteria. 

4. Save Your Progress:

The acceptance form is conveniently provided in an editable PDF format. Remember to save your progress periodically to prevent any loss of data. Your hard work and effort deserve to be safeguarded throughout the completion process.

5. High-Resolution Headshot:

Picture yourself on the big screen! Please ensure you submit a high-resolution headshot that truly captures your essence. Avoid wearing hats or sunglasses in the photo to maintain professionalism and clarity.

By meticulously following these instructions, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and increase your chances of receiving the recognition you deserve within the SheInspires community.