It’s not every day you are informed you have been nominated for an award in your personal life. So I was delighted when I received the news I had been nominated and now a finalist.

I feel a bit of a fraud! The reason being, I am a regular, mum of two, married and work as a detective in the Police . However, I have had some challenges throughout my life, that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. These events have made me look at me, my well-being, the way I live my life and they have motivated me to write a book, a very honest account of what I have been through and publish it. I want this book to help anyone out there who are struggling for whatever reason. As life is hard! There are many things in life that are out of our control especially at the moment. So take hold of things you can control and own them!! You will never see the rainbows if you walk with your head down- Charlie Chaplin.

As we are all now a bit in limbo, I’ve had to put my excitement on hold for the awards ceremony. I like to plan so I had already started looking at dresses (I like to shop too) although given the current climate and my inability to stop eating, I may have to either change the dress or stop snacking!!

I’m looking forward to meeting the other finalists. They are a group of amazing women.

If I was lucky enough to win an award it would help me widen my ready and show more people that you can get through difficult times, and you will be able to laugh again, this is my ultimate aim