Women in Law – Winner
Jacqueline Beverley Woodland!!

Jacqueline is a trained soldier who served in the Guyana Defence Force from 1978 to 1984 as a PA to one of the female Commanding Officers. This is when Jacqueline first discovered her passion for the Legal field.
Jacqueline is educated in Business Principles Management & Leadership and has completed the national OBV Magistrates mentoring project.
She has worked at the HMRC as a regional officer and as an advocate against child abuse, domestic abuse and inadequate elderly care, before moving on to being the UK Immigration Specialist in 2008. In this role she fought her way to earning an Employee Award & was rewarded for her excellent work!
Jaqueline has since climbed the ladder further, becoming a member of the ILPA and Owner and director of her own immigration support business that grew at an astounding speed, with 5 employees and a business support team.
Following the death of her Grandmother, Mrs Fanny Jones, Jacqueline met a HR Manager for a care group, who recommended hiring nurses from her birthplace, Guyana, in South America to help with shortage of nurses.
Though the nurses were disheartened due to low test passing rates, Jacqueline came up with the idea of visiting Guyana, where they organised a training day seminar for the nurses to help them get through the exams with the help of her brother and the University of West Indies. In her grandmother’s memory, Jacqueline and her team changed the lives of 10 nurses – now working in the UK.

A massive congratulations to you, Jacqueline!

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