Since setting up agoodwriteup, I’ve never put myself forward for any awards. I was nominated for this wonderful ‘Inspire Women in Business’ Award, though, so the opportunity felt really special – especially as I was nominated for it by a dear friend and colleague (sneaky as she is)! I’m amazed and so grateful to have been shortlisted as a Finalist.

I’m a really confident person but being at that ceremony is going to freak me out, to be honest! I recognise a lot of big names on those Finalist boards! I’m not saying I don’t belong there – I work hard and I’ve been successful – but I’m just me. I get up, do my stuff, attempt to keep both my child and my business alive, and then do exactly the same the next day – perhaps with the odd bit of writing thrown in for good measure and good humour. I’m not exactly changing the world.

What are my plans if I win? I’ll be staying out and partying with everyone whether I win or not, but if I do win, then I’ll do my best to keep a fairly clear head, because the next day, I’ll be making sure that I say a big Thank You to every single person who will have helped me to win that award – through championing me as a mum, a business owner, a writer… or just someone who wants to take opportunities to make people a little bit happier in the community.