Women in Hospitality – Winner
Linda Lam!!

Linda has been heavily involved with charity work since 2004, hosting multiple charity events at her restaurant (Rainbow88) for free – never declining a single one!
Linda also supports other events with outside catering, again provided free of charge from the good of her heart.
When Chinese New Year comes around, Linda invites local schools, nurseries, scout groups, and several charities to come to her restaurant and be educated on Chinese culture & the significance of it’s traditions – providing all involved with free education and food!
In 2017, Linda was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and throughout her chemo & radiotherapy continued to host charity events for the less fortunate, and hosted a massive event on the 18th anniversary of the restaurant to increase awareness and raise money for breast cancer!

Let’s give a massive round of applause to Linda Lam! Congratulations!
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