HER-Abilities – Winner
Mona Patel!!!

An Equality & Diversity Specialist, Mona has been working at Manchester Metropolitan University for over nineteen years, committed to creating a positive environment for all.
In 2017, Mona helped MMU become the first university to attain the Gold Disability Standard award – one of just six organisations to achieve this award. Her dedication to inclusivity has helped create the E&D Champions network, consisting of over 30 staff members acting as agents of change in Equality and Diversity. Mona has also set up an MMU Women’s Network – offering a platform for women to talk about their experiences in a safe environment, free to discuss and provide support.
In 2014, Mona won the Staff Award for ‘Outstanding Contrubtion to the University’s Values’.
On the side, Mona is a Volunteer for the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation, and managed to organise and host the first ever GNEM patient day in the UK, bringing together patients and experts in the field of GNEM to discuss research and care.
Living with GNEM has taught Mona about Resilience and empathy. It has given her the power to confront her barriers and cultural stigma. It has pushed her to make a difference the lives of others, for herself and especially for others living with and caring for individuals with GNE Myopathy.

Massive congratulations to you, Mona on winning an Inspire Award! #HERAbilities #Winner