Women in Social Enterprise – Winner
Nickala Torkington!!

As co-founder of Flourish Together, Nickala has worked for several years as a single parent supporting women & creating needed change. Leading four successful crowdfunding campaigns to create community led seed funds, the money generated invested in 31 women across multiple sectors and backgrounds. 80% of the women Flourish Together has worked with earned less than 20K a year, most of those earning less than £10k annually.
In almost 20 years, Nickala has helped set up 6 social Enterprises spanning the Health, Wellbeing and Educational Sectors, all of which she has led.
Nickala was included in the WISE 100 list highlighting the Top 100 Women in the UK in the Social Enterperprise Sector, and has been shortlisted for the IOD Director of the Year for the Third sector Category.

Massive congratulations to Nickala Torkington!
#WomenInSocialEnterprise #Winner