Women in Technology – Winner
Noha Amin!

Featured as one of Manchester Evening News’ Top 30 Women in Tech, Noha is passionate about helping others overcome their barriers and help achieve their dreams. She volunteers with DigitalHer to attended several events at high schools for girls, talking about engineering and the STEM field, answering questions and inspiring them to pursue careers in the STEM field. She gives powerful speeches on overcoming adversity and shattering the glass ceiling, urging young girls to become outstanding members of society. Noha has also been involved in giveaways, generously gifting young girls tools to help foster their interest in the STEM Field & become powerful, leading women.
Noha also successfully led TalkTalk to win a prestigious award in 2018 and has won several awards herself in the UK, Canada and Middle East.

Let’s give a huge round of applause to Noha Amin! Congratulations