Volunteer of the Year – Winner
Sharon Goodwin!!

Sharon has worn many hats over the years, working hard to improve the lives of young people in the Farnworth and Kearsley Areas. She was worked as a School Governor, a fundraising volunteer and also as a volunteer play activity leader.
All of these jobs revolved around providing children with opportunities and ensuring good outcomes for pupils in multiple primary and secondary schools.
Sharon’s fundraising event helped raised over £4,000 for her local primary school, which paid for education class trips, workshops, play equipment and other events that will help better the lives of students.
Sharon helped the local church with a flower festival through engagement with local businesses, creating and putting up posters and arranging social media promotion. Sharon leafleted every house within a two-mile radius of the church in the span of three weeks to advertise for the event with her family. The event saw an attendance of more than 300 people, and raised over £2000 for the church, going down as one of it’s most successful fundraiser events!

Let’s give a massive congratulations to Sharon!
#VolunteerOfTheYear #Winner