See below a complete list of the award categories, of which you can nominate yourself or someone you know. Nominations are closed for 2024, but you can nominate for the 2025 awards via the Nominations form.

Women in Business Award

This award celebrates a business woman who possesses qualities of vision, innovation, entrepreneurial drive, leadership and commitment to diversity. Her engagement to support others within the wider community is also important.  

 She needs to demonstrate significant growth and profitability. 

Team of the Year

This award celebrates teamwork that has had a positive impact on an organisation's performance. A team can be from a charity, business, sports club, private or public sector.

The team will need to demonstrate excellent co-operation utilising all the skills of all members of the team in working towards a shared goal. 

Agent of Change

This award celebrates a woman who through hard work, inspiration and dedication has brought a positive change locally or further afield. Examples are championing diversity, preservation or enhancement of culture, heritage, environment, workplace or of a specific concern.

This award gives a unique opportunity to shine a light on remarkable stories of change. 

Champion of Culture

This award celebrates a champion of culture encompassing all areas of performing arts, visual arts and heritage. It will be awarded to an individual from the creative community, whose work has made a significant positive contribution to cultural life. Artists play one of the most important roles in our society whether this is as a dancer, musician, singer, painter, photographer, poet, author, screenwriter, actress, play writer or comedienne.

Lifetime Achievement

Our special lifetime achievement award recognises the contribution of a phenomenal woman who over the course of her whole career and lifetime, has given her time, energy and gifts to enhance people’s lives, community or the wider world. The winner of this award will boast a life story, which acts as a guiding beacon to inspire others who share it with her. 

Rising Star Award

This award celebrates a Rising Star who is recognised as an emerging leader of tomorrow. This individual needs to have shown exceptional promise in the early stages of their career and can demonstrate commitment to their profession, ideas and personal values.

She needs to be a strong female role model who has enthusiasm, passion and drive.

SHEro Award

This award shine a light on a woman who is an inspiration every day. This woman has overcome obstacles, is admired for her courage, outstanding achievements or her noble qualities and will be a symbol of hope and inspiration for others. She has a positive contribution to the community, workplace, family or her own life.

Her everyday selfless acts of compassion make our homes, our neighbourhoods and our world a better place.

Leadership Award

This award celebrates a woman who exemplifies exceptional leadership qualities. She will have gone beyond financial metrics and have prioritised people, authenticity and positive change. She will have successfully led a strategy for outstanding performance.

This individual will demonstrate she has navigated challenges and is shaping the future.

Women in Hair and Beauty Award

This award celebrates an individual with exceptional skills, expertise, and creativity in the hair and beauty industry including hair salons, beauty salons, male grooming salons, spas, cosmetic clinics, makeup artists; nail salons, and beauty training academies.

She must demonstrate vision, innovation and entrepreneurial drive in her respected field.

Women in Fashion Award

This award celebrates an individual who has made significant contributions to the fashion industry. She will need to demonstrate her creativity, influence and ability to shape trends by using fresh ideas, forward-thinking concepts and a clear vision.

In addition, the judges will be looking at efforts to promote diversity, sustainability and innovation within the fashion landscape.

Women in Health, Fitness and Well-being Award

This award celebrates an individual who has made significant contribution to promoting physical and mental well-being. This encompasses fitness trainers, wellness advocates, healthcare professionals and others committed to improving health.

She will need to demonstrate how she has had a positive influence on individuals or groups, inspiring them to prioritise health and fitness.

Women in STEM

This award celebrates the achievements and contributions of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It emphasizes their role in breaking barriers, fostering innovation, and inspiring future generations of women to pursue careers in STEM.

The category aims to recognise and promote diversity in these traditionally male-dominated fields, acknowledging the vital impact women have on shaping the landscape of science and technology.

Women in Digital - Security, Marketing and Media Award

This award celebrates the extensive world of digital - everything from digital security, media and marketing, which encompasses professionals excelling in marketing strategy, digital advertising, social media management, content creation, web development, data science, cybersecurity and other facets of the marketing landscape. The judges will be looking for expertise, innovation, impact and education in shaping their client services.

This woman will need to demonstrate significant contributions in this complex industry.

Women in Networking, Events and Hospitality Award

This award celebrates the achievements and contributions of a woman who excels in organising and managing networking events, conferences and the broader hospitality sector. This encompasses event planners, hospitality managers and professionals dedicated to creating engaging and seamless experiences for attendees.

The Judges will be looking for skills in event coordination, customer service, creating inclusive environments alongside playing an instrumental role in fostering connections and building networks.

Young Achiever of the Year Award

This award celebrates an exceptionally talented individual under the age of 18 years. They need to demonstrate an outstanding accomplishment through creativity and skills across any field such as academics, arts, sports, science and more.

The judges will be looking for unique talents or contributions, emphasising the potential of young minds to make a positive impact on the world at an early stage in their lives.

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award celebrates a woman who devotes her  time and energy to better her community. She will exhibit remarkable dedication and passion for various causes, organisations, or initiatives, leaving a lasting impact. Her selfless actions inspire unity and positive change, motivating others to join in her efforts.