My name is Becki.
When I found out I was a finalist I was so overwhelmed with happiness. I couldn’t believe it and it took a few days to process!

I am a mum to a lovely 10 year old girl. I have autism, ADHD, OCD and a hearing impairment. I am a professional dancer, human rights activist, a leadership coach at inclusion north and a carer for my older sister who has Rett syndrome.

I enjoy doing creative things, spending time with family and working towards changing the world to become more inclusive and accessible to everyone, especially those with a learning disability and or autism.

I want to raise lots of money for the charity Reverse Rett. My sister has Rett syndrome so it is a charity very close to my heart. They have already reversed Rett in the lab and one day soon I hope those incredible and brave girls and women will be able to live their lives more freely and do all the things many of us take for granted.

I am so thankful and grateful to Inspire Awards and everyone who has believed in me and supported me through my difficulties and challenges. I am so proud of every person nominated for an Inspire award. Together we are inspiring so many people of all ages and abilities to never give up and fight for their dreams.

I have been feeling very excited during the run up to the awards ceremony. Just to be in the same room as so many wonderful and inspirational people is a memory and feeling I will carry with me forever.

If I was a winner, it would be incredible amazing, a dream. I hope to continue to inspire people to live their dreams and never give up no matter how hard it gets. I want to break down more barriers and fight for equality and diversity. The more equal and inclusive the world becomes the more others will understand the value of diversity. I would like everyone to have the same opportunities in the world and dance world. Everyone deserves the chance to pursue what ever they choose or enjoy without having to face lots of barriers.