Winning the Award brings a positive impact for individuals and companies. It means recognition of one’s achievements by the peers in the industry as well as positive reputation. I believe that people should be awarded for hard work and for success. It creates a good example for others and the perfect environment for further development of ourselves and others around us. And it is ever so important in the challenging times we find ourselves at this moment.

She Inspires celebrates women from all over the world, their brave hearts and relentless efforts. It is a great honour for me to be considered for such an Award. I always look at it in the way that if I win, my company and our teams win with me. It’s a success of us all together and an appreciation of our hard work. Winning the She Inspires Award would mean that I should continue in my path inspiring others, empower them to go after their dreams, goals and to believe in themselves. No matter how many times you fail, learn from it and keep going.